Sic Bo vs. Craps: How the Two Games Differ in SCR888 online casino

Sic Bo and Craps are one of the most commonly known dice games in online casinos Malaysia. They may not be as popular as other SCR888 casino games, but they certainly are well-known enough among the professional gamblers.

For newbies, they may appear similar, but there are some striking differences that are worth considering when it comes to choosing between the two. Here we have outlined the difference between the two to give you a better idea about how both games differ and may impact your online gambling experience.

But before we go any further, here’s what the two games are about:

Craps vs. Sic Bo

In SCR888 Craps, the players place their bets on the result of a series of dice rolls or a single dice roll. Players can bet against other players at the table (something that is widely common in street Craps) or they can choose to place their bets against the bank (casino Craps).

Sic bo played in most online casinos Malaysia offers a unique yet simple format that is easy to understand for anybody regardless of their experience with the game. In general, Sic Bo is the Asian version of Craps. It is found in Asia, Europe, and American casinos and remains popular among regular SCR888 online casino goers.

The Similarities Between the Two

Since both of these games are dice games, there are plenty of similarities that may even confuse a new player who is just getting started at online casino Malaysia. In general, both games have similar gameplay where the players bet on a dice roll under certain conditions. Additionally, both games allow players to choose from different betting methods and wager different bets with distinct values.

The Differences Between the Two

If you look at the similarities between the two games, you may think they are universally the same, but not so much. There is one striking difference that makes them different and unique in their own ways.

Sic Bo is a game of chance and luck where every dice roll will result in either a win or a loss. Craps, on the other hand, allows for a bit of strategic betting. In online Craps, bets require rolls of dice before they are deemed as a winner. In order to win at Craps, the players will need to get acquainted with a number of winning combinations relating to the dice and the table. They will additionally have to get acquainted with concepts like right bettors, wrong bettors, come-out rolls, and points, etc.

With online Sic Bo, you need to understand the types of bets that you can make, usually, there are two: small and big bets. In Craps, you have multiple options. Either way, both games have different wagers that you need to consider before choosing from one of the games. We recommend that you try both the games and decide which works best for you. Remember to try your hand with different types of bets and learn how betting works in both games to get a better idea of the gameplay in both poker games.

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